Audio Conferencing

The broadest feature set in the industry.
More convenient. More reliable. More secure.

Full-Featured and Secure Conference Calling Anytime…Anywhere

With our easy to use conferencing service we offer the widest feature set — including a number of features exclusive to Civicom. We pride ourselves on excellence in customer care. When you call us, you immediately reach a person, not a voice tree. You’ll be speaking with a professional customer care advocate who can address your question or request within 60 seconds. You have an internal tech team on hand to continue to add features and make improvements. Explore our Large Event Call capabilities that include up to 5,000 parties (more with notice).

Arranging busy schedules for a conference call takes time, but once a call is scheduled you want to be able to rely on your provider to deliver without a hitch. Civicom is recognized for reliability. The Civicom platform is 100% redundant across two automatically fail-over and geographically dispersed locations. We have an excess of 99.95% uptime. We work to earn your business on every call.

Conference calls that share sensitive or proprietary content demand the protection of a secure conference call platform. With highly sensitive conference calls, you need more than the typical unrestricted passcode that is shared permanently for every conference call. With Civicom’s secure conferencing you can feel confident that only the people you want on your calls are the ones actually attending.
When you call us you immediately reach a person, not a voice tree. You’ll be speaking with a professional customer care associate who can address your question or request right away. We offer consultative solutions based on your specific needs. With Civicom you receive personal attention. We treat every customer like they are our only customer. We work to earn your business on every call.
We offer the widest feature set, including features exclusive to Civicom, such as unique passkeys for secure access, “Audibles” like cheers, applause, laughter, etc., and hands free conference entry that lets you just “say” your passcode. Self-directed call management tools include pre and post conference (green room), breakout groups, one-click calling and automatic muting in broadcast mode.

Access helpful user instructions for our on-demand conferencing service, operator assisted calls and account management.

Access helpful tips on making your conference calls a success and view the moderator keypad functions.

The Widest Conferencing Feature Set Anywhere

Mobile Call Hub™

Hosts can view the live call from a mobile phone or tablet and have the option to include participants in the call view by including a link in their conference invite. The host has a menu of features for call management, such as recording on/off, dial out to a participant, mute individual participants, broadcast mode, Active Talker™ and drop all.

Call Hub Pro™

Call Hub Pro™ gives you additional tools to professionally manage your conference such as breakout groups, polling and controlled Q&A. Call Hub Pro can be accessed through your online account from a computer, tablet or mobile device. With Call Hub Pro you get top-drawer, concierge meeting services at a do-it-yourself price.

Browser-Based Conference Planner™

Moderators can create easy-to-use profiles for recurring conferences to expedite scheduling, automate attendee notification, send reminders and identify conference room attendees by name in lieu of phone number. To access, log in to your account and click on Conference Planner on the top navigation bar.

Name Announcement and Roll Call

Participants will be instructed to record their names before entering the conference. Name recordings are stored for optional Roll Call playback and Name Announcement (when joining or leaving a conference). Know exactly who is on the call at any given time. Get a playback of all participants’ names, recorded in their own voices. Roll Call can be heard by everyone in the conference or just by the Moderator.

Pre-Conference (Green Room)

Moderator/Speakers will be placed in a private pre-conference room and advised how many participants are waiting on music hold. Speaker teams can use this Green Room to rehearse and coordinate entry into conference. You can also press a kepad # at any time to hear a Roll Call of waiting participants. Following the conference, speakers can debrief by moving to a private post-conference room without having to hangup.

Hands Free Conference Entry

Entering a passcode on a phone that is at your ear can be frustrating. Now you can just say it. This is a big deal for someone who is travelling, multitasking, and juggling a phone up and down from his or her ear to enter a passcode by hand. It might also be a safety issue.

Instant Call Summary & Billing Codes

After your call, you will receive an email providing call details, including time attended for each participant and the total conference minutes. In addition to segregating by moderator passcode or cost center, customers can choose optional user-defined billing codes to further segregate conferencing charges by department, division or project.

Audibles — Liven-Up Your Call

Add a little energy to your conference call with Audibles — like applause, cheers, laughter, drum roll, happy birthday, boos and buzzer. All are available by simply entering 2 digits on your phone keypad. Audibles are perfect for group meetings where you want to recognize individuals or teams.

Unique Passkeys — Secure Entry

With highly sensitive conference calls, you need more than the typical unrestricted passcode that is shared permanently for every conference call. Our secure conferencing service provides the confidence that only the people you want on your calls are actually the ones attending. Unlike a typical conference call where participants use an identical passcode, our exclusive Unique Passkey feature lets you give each participant a unique PIN to prevent uninvited participants.

Conference Recording and Replay

Record your call and have it stored digitally, where it is immediately available for replay 24 hours/day via an instant replay number we provide. Replay functions include pause, fast-forward or rewind. You can control the use of this service through confidential access codes. Receive a digital recording of your call via audio link download.

InSummary – Meeting Minutes Summary Service

With our audio transcription service, you will no longer need to write down meeting notes. Simply record your meeting and TranscriptionWing can create summaries in an easy-to-read, outlined format (i.e. bullet points) based on the information captured in your recordings. It’s more accurate than writing notes after attending consecutive meetings, where attendees are prone to forget important details. Be assured that the main points of your meeting are captured and that your transcriptions are accurate and complete.

End Notes – Summaries of Meeting Key Points

End Notes are transcriptions of client-specified key points or action item summaries from meetings or conference calls. Instead of going over every minute of a long call recording, you only have to record the last few minutes of a call containing the action items or key points. Our transcription service can then transcribe the recording for you and you will have a transcription of the summary rather than the entire call.

Mobile 1-Tap™

Participants can join their conference call with one tap. Mobile 1-Tap lets you email conference participants a link that when clicked gets them connected to the conference automatically. No more dialing. No more remembering numbers. Just click and be connected. People who connect from their mobile phone will love you for this feature…and it’s free.

Many More Features

We offer the most features in the conferencing industry, including online customer account management portal, dial out, Active Talker, Call Blaster™, Q&A, drag & drop sub-conference, participant count on entry, international toll-free, master/sub accounts, lock conference, broadcast mode, transcription, name announcement, host pins, auto join, and custom (branded) greetings. Include up to 5,000 parties (more with notice).