“The service is dependable and simple to use! The best customer service sometimes is the service that is under the radar and you never give it a second thought because it works the way it was intended.”

— Major National Research University

“The ease in setting up a conference call with parties from all over the world is a great asset to our ability to provide excellent service to our customers. Staying in touch no matter what time of day anywhere around the globe helps us to better support our customers. I can set up a conference call from my home, when I’m traveling, or in the office. It’s a quick process. We have no problems successfully completing the important conference calls we set up. I can’t imagine running a global business without this valuable service.”

— Global Parts Machine and Fabrication Corporation

“We were very surprised and please how easy it was to have a conference call recorded! Within a few minutes after the call concluded, I received an email with a digital file of the call. I was able to forward it immediately to those who missed the call. Wonderful! Thank you!”

— International Christian Advocacy Organization

“Great telephone conference, no interference or dropped calls. clear, report was accurate.”
— Specialty Home Infusion Company

“Over the past years I have had great experiences working with you. You provide excellent service, help me with all problems and are always professional. I would recommend to anyone looking for the services they offer.”
— Largest National Membership Organization

“Dependable, Always there when I need it. Never any problems with connections by any participant. Clear connections. Immediate summary. Prompt invoicing.”
— Property Management Services Company

“I use TranscriptionWing frequently, and would recommend this service to anyone who needs an audio recording, short or long, transcribed quickly. The quality of service is excellent, as is the quality of the transcribed documents.”

— Public Relations Firm

“I am using TranscriptionWing’s services to have my qualitative PhD dissertation interviews transcribed, and they have been a massive help in this process. They offer very good rates according to how fast the turnaround time is. Their next day, 1 day, and 2 days options have been instrumental in this process so that I can quickly code the data before I interview the next person. Methodologically and practically, this is the ideal situation. A few typos here and there, but this is infrequent and very minimal. Transcripts are ALWAYS delivered on time. FYI for researchers, if your IRB needs a confidentiality agreement from them, TranscriptionWing easily provided me with one. Definitely recommend.”
— Public Research University

“I have tried many other companies, and have had to spend as much time correcting their errors as it would have taken me to transcribe the recording myself. TranscriptionWing is prompt, reliable, accurate, and really goes the extra mile to deliver a fantastic finished transcript.”
— Research-Focused Healthcare Company

“Feathers Project gave me the opportunity to interact with my beneficiary family. I was able to witness how poverty has impacted them and their environment thanks to the virtual ceremony.”
— Feathers Sponsor

“I’m fairly new at volunteering for Feathers. And whenever I get asked how my experience is as a volunteer, my usual response is ‘it’s fun!’. Not everyone believes me, I think, but it’s true. On a morning, for example, when the last thing you want to do is wake up early, you find the will and strength to get out of bed, dress up, get into a 20-minute commute so you can be part of something wonderful, something you can be proud of and be grateful for. And, yes, it is fun! It’s also a chance for us to get to know people within the company and be part of a meaningful activity with them.”
— Feathers Volunteer

“Because of Feathers, we now have access to electricity. Thank you Feathers.”
— Feathers Beneficiary